View Full Version : Chrome Engine Guards XJ1100, XS

10-23-2006, 12:51 PM
Just bought "awesomest" brand new chrome engine guards for my Maxim. MCEnterprisesUSA.com - look in their "blowout" section - part # 2007 they were just 60.00 + ship. Seen these at JC Whitney for double that. I think they said had 3 left. Bolted on easy and looks great. Should fit XS as well. It's the shiniest item on the bike and will enhance your self esteem (well at least your bike's).

10-28-2006, 06:14 PM

how do you order, I can't find the checkout page?
Do you have to call to order?


10-30-2006, 06:05 PM
yup, you call
My set are on the way, only 1 set left.

Thanks glenng, and all that told me about your post!

11-01-2006, 09:25 PM
John - sorry I didn't see this post when you asked question other day. Yeah - no way to order on line. The good news is they shipped really fast!