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07-30-2007, 05:52 PM
Okay guys and gals I have parts that need to leave my shop. Front & rear wheels, two special rear fenders, a complete swing arm assembly with final drive, grab bar rear light combination, I have an xj750 tank and some other things too lemme know if anyone wants these the prices are reasonable... Promise:-)

07-31-2007, 11:31 AM
Front & rear wheels
Any chance these are the later curved-spoke units?

07-31-2007, 01:02 PM
Do you have a seat for a 80 special? Also what size is the back wheel that you have? 16 or 17 inch tube or tubless? What are "some other things" that you have?

07-31-2007, 02:22 PM
I do have a seat for an 80 special that is in great shape as well as the grab bar and rear light assembly. As far as the wheels they are the standard straight style. The rear is a 16" I believe and tubeless. has a tire on it that does not appear to be rotted. I have the tool box for an 80 special and three of the signals and stalks a standard tank that had been cremed before a set of foam grips i have a small valve head that needs 2 valves they are bent but no other damage a stock xj exhaust one of the spin on oil filter adapters And I need to be home to look at the rest of the
treasures. Hope I answered your questions.