View Full Version : Used xs1100 parts for sale-andreas

03-16-2008, 08:57 AM
Good morning, Summary of current parts pile: 79sf engine approx 25,000 mi,front forks special and std,triple trees special and std,rear drive gears,left engine sidecover,complete clutch assembly,wiring harness for 78e,79sf,81sh,king/queen seat 79sf,seat chrome rail 79sf,left plastic sidecover 79sf,battery boxes,swingarm,centre and side stands,rear chrome fender 81sh,tailight assembly 79sf,rear master cylinder,rear caliper,special front caliper,brake rotors (6), engine mounts,axles,primary chain,81sh cylinder jugs with pistons/rings(stock), 6 pistons with rings,79sf headlight bucket assembly,rear special signals,rear tailight 78e,speedo drive gear std,gauge cluster 78e,tci(2h7),regulaters,coils(2h7), pickup coils (4r0),cylinder head bolt sets,lots of misc rubber/electrical, rear footpegs,inner fender,front fender (special), plus misc stuff. If you need something send me a private meassage please or reply to my classified ad whichj will send me an e-mail. thanx andreas