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07-25-2008, 09:23 PM
This is my first bike ever. I was lucky enough to run into my neighbor who promised me first dibs on the bike and it's a good thing, there were 3 others behind me hoping that I would pass on it.

I asked my dear loving wife for permission to buy it and she said I could, so long as I kept my life insurance paid up. So here I am, two years later, trying to find other XSives like myself. This site has opened my eyes that there ARE, but are there any near Omaha?

My question is, is there a way to search the members list by location? If possible, I would like to search by location and date joined.


07-26-2008, 07:47 AM
Hey Steve,

Welcome and congrats on your new acquisition!! You have a WONDERFUL WIFE....who shall NOW be referred to as SWMBO=
She Who Must Be Obeyed! :p Check out the Misc Forum for the list of acronyms used here!!

Secondly, check out This Sticky Thread in the Member's Lounge Forum (http://www.xs11.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6304) for a way to find folks that have responded to the listing threads posted.

Aside from the search functions at the bottom of each forum, you can also do a global search using the SEARCH Tab at the top of the Forums, but you can ONLY search by words posted within the threads, but NOT by words used in members descriptions or profiles! :(

I just did a quick search for OMAHA, and it revealed 2 pages worth of threads, so you might be able to find some folks near you, don't forget to include neighboring states IF you are closer to one border than another, etc.!!