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07-05-2013, 04:26 AM
This may be a way to promote donations along with having a way to give thanks. If we could find a way of creating some type of simple XS11 token they could be issued out when people donate money to keep the site up. People could display them as a badge of honor showing how much they support the organization. They could also be something that a member could send to another member as a thanks for what they have done. People here often donate parts to help others. They travel to help others fix their bikes sometimes when the member is on a long trip. They lend tools. They have even put people up for the night. When a member spends time on a great mod or document for members others could reward them with a token. These tokens could be used in many ways when cash payment is not needed but a real thanks is.

Maybe they could be turned back in for a patch or better looking token defining them as a leader of men at 1000.

They do not need to be gold they could be a leather punch with a XS11 branded on them, a plastic stamp, tabs from an electric box with XS11 stamped. I am sure some member here would come up with an economical method to do them.

07-05-2013, 12:57 PM

I think its a great idea - I am looking into a quote from a challenge coin company that we have used in the past for military challenge coins -

I submitted the xs11.com over the 1 logo for one side and the old patch 78-82 XS-XJ 1100 Owners Association for the reverse.

Generally an order of at least 300 includes the die fee and runs anywhere from $2.50-3.00 depending on color use on 1 side, 2 sides or none.

I figure that is about $7-900 for the order of 300 and they could be offered on the site for between $15-20 shipped which leaves a small profit that can be donated to the site for ongoing expenses.

Anyone who wanted could order one themselves or order one and have it shipped to some other member as a token of appreciation or an alternative to tee shirts for rallies.

Once the initial order is used up additional orders don't incur any die fees since the company saves the dies.


07-05-2013, 02:39 PM
At first I thought you were talking about an electronic token that anyone could buy from the site, and then send to members electronically, not necessarily a physical token that has to be mailed.

I like your idea though, mind if I seal the concept?

Lets make our own XS11 electronic currency!

I was thinking with electronic tokens each member could have their own bank account of tokens in their profile and the # of tokens members collect could be displayed next to their post count or something. Once the member collects enough electronic tokens they could cash them in for something like a calender (are we still doing calenders?) or a T-shirt, key ring fob or just donate them to the site. Also, make it so members can take tokens from their bank account and give them to other members as a way to say thanks. The idea is the tokens have a real world dollar value (like $2 or something?) and members buy the tokens through the site. The tokens could be transferred between members as a way to say thanks or back to the site as a donation. For this to work though, there would have to be a site "store" so you could purchase said items. Of course, the items could be marked up a little so the site makes a profit...

With this concept the overhead cost is only programing to modify. The return on investment will be higher in the long run and easier to keep it going for the future (no re-ordering coins and dealing with mailing them and such).

If you end up doing a pressed coin and can figure a way to put a hole in it I would buy one for my key ring. The only thing I have on there now is a quarter with my DOB on it my uncle gave me...

07-05-2013, 02:52 PM
If its too much trouble to cash in the tokens for actual items, what about keeping the token concept and when someone makes a donation they get 1 token for every $1 they donate. Then you can hand out a tokens to members that have helped you. It could be a new status symbol and measure of generosity..?

07-06-2013, 11:23 AM

I think the coins cost alot more than we could afford to maintain at 1 per dollar.

I was simply thinking its something cool and unusual to offer to a fellow xs11 enthusiast. And at $20 a piece wont become devalued. You have to really want to express thanks.

The site would get a little over $10 per at the $20 price shipped after subtracting paypal fees and actual manufacturing costs of $3-4 per.

Here is the concept drawing from the company. They added a couple upgrades like colors both sides and edging that looks like a patch.

The embed pic wont work so here is a link.



07-06-2013, 07:32 PM
Drill a hole in them and I would buy 9 of them for myself for key chains. Possibly more but that depends on who I would give them too. They would be great to give to people I meet on the road as well. I always tell them about the site but that would be a cool reminder for them and an enticement to join.
I love the concept. I would like the price to reflect some donation to the site. If the donation is too large, however people would be hesitant to hand them out to anyone they just meet. Imagine meeting 20 people at 20 bucks per token! :eek:

07-06-2013, 11:03 PM
Thanks guys nice when others see value in a concept.

I like the design John if we can get a good group to agree on them. I think it would catch on pretty quick but we have to make sure people want it so we do not spend money we do not make back quick.

Maybe listing some on EBAY could also help pay for the start and also promote the Idea and our group. It could also be offered to the other groups in other countries and they could do their own with distinctive logo for their country.

07-07-2013, 03:07 AM
Agreed. I think $10 per would be affordable and still give site almost $5 per unit.

Not sure how to do this....at about $800 cost for 300 they come in under $3 each plus postage to mail and paypal fees to consider. If I had an extra $800 lying around I would just do it and offer them up at $10 and after the initial costs are recovered there are still 200+ to sell and generate about $1000 in donations.

Might have to wait till I sell a bike or some windfall comes my way.