View Full Version : Turn Signal Relay

06-30-2018, 11:05 PM
Any idea how to test if the turn signal relay is bad? I made some mods and I'm trying to eliminate wiring as an issue. I get power to the turn signals, but they don't flash. The mod I did was put a new Hayabusa left switch because it has a built in choke cable. Works really nice with the ZRX1200 carbs.


07-01-2018, 02:15 PM
My XJ came with a self-cancelling relay and I believe other models had the same. Easiest way is to just get a standard 2-prong relay at your auto parts store. (Original has 3 prongs.) Plug the 2-prong in; there are only 2 ways, using center + left or center + right on the socket, and if you get it wrong the first time nothing will get damaged. See if one of those works.

In fact I use a two-prong when pulling my small trailer behind the XJ. Looses the auto-cancel feature (which I seldom used anyway) and handled the load of the additional turn lights.

Several old threads on this; use the search feature and look for "auto cancelling" or "turn light relay" and see what you find.