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xs11 06-20-2002 05:04 PM

Clutch Cleaning and Refurb
Clutch Cleaning and Refurb
by Ralf Koehler

A couple of weeks ago I was complaining about my dreadful clutch, hardly disengaging at all, grinding 1st and 2nd gear teeth... I found out that it was plain adhesion causing the stickyness!

I took it all apart and performed the following work:
<li>Meticulous filing of all edges on friction plates, steel plates, hub & clutch basket
</li><li>Light sanding of old friction plates (thickness after 60k = new value) with automotive 120 grit paper to get rid of the glaze
</li><li>Medium sanding of steel plates with 80 grit; cleaned everything with turpentine
</li><li>Mounted steel plates 180 degrees turned, so that rounded edges now face the crankcase
</li><li>Added 0.070&quot; shims to springs (yes, I've got strong hands)</li><li>Treated new gasket with PAM Spray (both sides)</li>
The result is amazing; the clutch works almost like new. Works out my left hand too. Total investment was several hours of labour plus one cover gasket. Actually, I had to use hammer & chisel to knock loose the 27 mm nut.

One more tip: once you have that side cover off, don't miss the opportunity to clean the inside of the metal piece behind the oil level window!

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