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xs11 06-20-2002 07:36 PM

Clutch Reassembly Warning
Clutch Reassembly Warning
<i>by Mike Hart</i>

Several XSives, myself included, have broken an 'ear' off Pressure Plate #1, called the "star plate" by some because of its appearance.


This plate has the springs behind it. It could have been designed better to avoid a common problem - misalignment of the springs behind the plate, catching or kinking in the groove on the back of the plate. You can find yourself gradually tightening down the six bolts, looking forward to your test ride when PING oh no! I broke the pressure plate!

As you begin tightening, double and triple check that all six springs are aligned properly, and all will go well. It's usually one of the upper springs sagging down, catching the lip of the groove, that causes problems.

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