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TopCatGr58 03-09-2016 07:50 PM

Another Great INFO source XS11.org
Hey folks,

I thought we had a thread in this forum telling folks about the other site, but apparently, it was a thread in the member's lounge.

SO...here it is. In 2011 or so, due to a failed free speech experiment on our site, some fine folks created an alternative site and forum.


It's run and moderated by a bunch of great knowledgeable and experienced XS11 owners, riders, mechanics, and such.

And they also allow you to speak your mind on other "fun" off topics like politics, religion, guns. Topics that our OWNER/WEBMASTER has requested to not be talked about on our site. These and others are known as HOT BUTTON type topics, and often folk's emotions and opinions can get the better of them, and a thick skin is helpful when participating in such discussions. So...feel free to check them out.

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