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crazy steve 03-27-2012 10:12 AM

Easy Bench Sync Method
One thing that needs to be done after rebuilding or even sometimes just working on your carbs is a 'bench sync'. This is the process of setting each carb's throttle opening so they're all as equal as possible without being open too much so you can start the bike in order to do the proper vacuum sync and other carb adjustments; this is not a substitute for that! There's been multiple methods for 'bench syncing' carbs discussed here over the years, ranging from using 'bread ties' to small drill bits, etc. Finally, here's a pretty easy way to do this with only a screwdriver. All credit for this goes to trbig (Tod) for posting this including the pics. So... here it is!

Inside the throat of the carbs at the top, there are 3 small holes.


When you go to install the carbs the first time, adjust the butterflies so that the front edge of the butterfly splits the first hole right in the middle like so...


This gets the bike started and you can synch it from there.

Again, credit and the big thanks goes to trbig for this!

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