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kboehringer 08-16-2020 05:00 PM

XS850 Tank & Side Covers
XS 11 Friends,

Not sure if anyone HERE would have any use for these but I know one or two guys also have XS750's or XS850s

Recently, I was at a Garage Sale of an old bike shop that went out of business. I grabbed this set for ~$20. They had a bunch of XS11 tanks but all had the crap beat out of them, I mean really bad!

Figured this would be good wall art and I did have an XS750 and an XS850 back in the 80's.

I bought a bunch of stuff and think I paid about $20 for these. If I make $20 plus shipping I'm fine with that for anyone that needs them. Paint is crap but no big dents just a couple little dimples. Inside has a little surface rust but definately does not need a liner only a good cleaning. Side covers paint is crap too, and so are the badges, but no broken tabs or pins.

This cheapo offer is for a guy that has one of these bikes.




I'll post on FB in a day or two.

Radioguylogs 08-16-2020 08:29 PM

Looks like a tank and both side covers for an XS850 Standard.

Thanks for thinking about us Triplers.

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