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xs11 06-18-2002 04:26 PM

Tachometer Wobble
Tachometer Wobble
David Hansen
A number of owners reported problems with "tachometer wobble" where the tach fluctuates constantly. When I picked up my current XS Eleven I immediately noticed the wobbling tach and set out to fix the problem. However, the tach on my '79 SF is a sealed unit that is electronically driven.

In partially disassembling the tach I noticed that there are small holes in the bottom of the unit. Since I couldn't get to the mechanism inside directly, I sprayed a silicone lubricant into the tach through the bottom holes and reassembled the unit. The fluctuations disappeared and have not returned.
Steve Weinstein
The electronic tach on my '80 SG wobbles alot. After I sprayed WD-40 in there, it stopped all together. I called a repair shop who informed me that inside there are ball bearings 1/32nd of an inch in diameter. They do tend to get dirty and can foul up the tach.

He stated that if you spray WD-40 into an electronic gauge, it must be squirted exactly onto the teeny tiny bearings and if you miss at all you will get the WD-40 all over the electronic circuit board and that will mess up (short circuit) everything (as it did on mine). I was told to liberally spray circuit board cleaner (can be purchased at Radio Shack) all over the inside of the gauge.

While doing this, hold the gauge upright so the cleaner does not drip on to the inside of the glass. This action will, in turn, dissolve all the gunk that has built up inside the gauge and clean the circuit board. I haven't had the time to try this yet but it does seem to make sense.

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