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xs11 06-17-2002 04:25 PM

Master Cylinder Rebuild - Plunger rubber installation
Master Cylinder Rebuild
Plunger rubber installation

by Ken Talbot, 2/26/02
<i>I'm really stumped. Any ideas on how the rubber seal is placed onto the plunger inside the master? It is a small rubber cap and the plunger has a large diameter disk at either end and the seal goes in the middle. The old one is in the center of the plunger and the rebuild kit has the parts separated. At $60 bucks
Canadian I'd hate to mess it up.

Dave Jardine</i>
The rubber seal is quite flexible, Dave, and will take quite a bit of
twisting without tearing apart.
Start with the plunger and seal laid out like this, to be sure of which way the seal is going to face
Roll the seal inside out and slide it up the shaft of the plunger so is comes up against the collar
Slide a flat screwdriver blade under the seal and up onto the collar
Lever the screwdriver over to start bringing the seal into position. Get it far enough over so it won't slip back. Notice how the seal is turning back to right side out as this happens
Use your fingers and thumb to roll the seal the rest of the way over the collar
Check that the seal is sitting in its groove where it belongs.
<br>Voila - you're done!

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