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xs11 06-21-2002 08:06 AM

Repairing the Posts on Side Cover Emblems
Repairing the Posts on Side Cover Emblems
by Ken Talbot

If you do break off one of the posts, all is still not lost. The pair of emblems I got from the boneyard for SWMBO's 'H had a broken post.

<center><img src="/forum/images/tips/20020906-repair34-1.jpg" width="480" height="360" alt="Emblem with broken post on left side" border="0"></center>

I ground the last bit of the post off so there was a flat spot. Then I
filed down the head of a small machine screw like the one on the right in this photo

<center><img src="/forum/images/tips/20020906-repair34-2.jpg" alt="Before and after screws" border="0"></center>

<p>To finish, I 'glued' the machine screw on with a dab of "Lab Metal" (I imagine epoxy would also work.)

<center><img src="/forum/images/tips/20020906-repair34-3.jpg" alt="Emblem with screw glued in place" border="0"></center>

When these go back on the side covers, I'll use a regular nut and a washer rather than the metal clips. (Don't over tighten them or you risk cracking the side cover. A drop of Permatex also sounds like a good idea.)

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