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mwsxj1100j 06-20-2015 09:03 PM

Tires, Transmission and stuff
Thanks to all the people who gave me the advice about my tranny, what motor oil to use and the tire tips. I did buy some a pair of Kenda K 671 the price was right and are load rated C and H rated for 130 mph. The front is rated 506lbs and the rear is rated 675lbs. The shop that changed them for me said the rear tire may be the 33 year old original I think he is rigth it is a 130/90-16.67H Dunlop. The cruz rear from Dennis Kirk is rated for 875lbs but I think that is a little over kill and I am the only one who is ever going to be on the bike and I am not going for any long haul since the seat beats up my butt especially in the city.

I went to one of the oldest cemeteries in town to visit the Davidson plot and I am sure you know which Davidson's I am talking about, they are not far from the Blatz Beer Baron's mausoleum. Well the cemetery is big and has a lot of interconnected roads throughout and it took awhile to find so I had to ride around a bit at a fairly brisk pace and the tries handle quite well even with the inevitable debris you find on these roads in the cemetery. Anyway after riding around for awhile I found them and paid my respects. I also discovered while searching that Bill Harley is interred at the cemetery a few block from where I live and I plan to locate his plot.

Anyway the tires ride quite well no excess noise and really good grip. The rubber seems a bit soft so tire life is going to be a question. Also I don't know how they will be in the wet but I am sure I will find out eventually.

One last thing a friend of mine jus got an 06 H-D Heritage Softail after trading in an 05 Honda VTX 1800 it is a nice bike but I like my XJ so much better quirks and all. I thought the XJ could shift loudly and I don't like heel, toe shifters.

Thanks again

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