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tv5150 06-04-2012 06:37 AM

I had no trouble going to a local lock smith also...($5.50 plus tax)
Just trying to save a few bucks, and now that I have the replacement key, the Ilco key blank he used is YH74.
With that info, you could cross referance it to an Axxess key number and go to WalMart and get a key for like $1.74
(IF you have the correct Axxess key number for them to use--which I have yet to find)
I've bought several keys for GL1800 Goldwings and had a few extra bucks in my pocket when done...

tv5150 06-14-2012 06:01 PM

78 or 79 Key Numbers???
So, anyone have a 78 or 79 with an aftermarket key made like Axxcess or whatever name on the key that you can post what the blank number they use when they made that key???
Might be able to save people some bucks in the future if you know the blank that needs to be used and you can get it at WallyWorld for cheap $$$ if it'll cross it over to the Axxcess key #
I have 3 keys for my Goldwing when on the bike, the standard ignition key and remote FOB, and I have cut two extra keyes cut-off at the head and I mounted them in GL radio knobs secureing them in JB Weld...Those 2 extras are in the gas tank door and the right locking pocket on the fairing, so when I'm out and about, I don't need to remove the ignition key to open the fairing pocket door to get my billfold out and I then open my gas door with the key with knob and fill-up my bike without having to fiddle-fart with moving a key around 3 times. It's a popular mod that most people do on the GL1800, plus the knob-keys are cut-off so short, they can't be used to turn the ignition on. However, if you were to lose you regular ignition key, you could break the key out of the knob and by using pliers, you would be able to turn the ignition on and drive-away without having to call a locksmith or some other solution BTW, when I'm going to be away from my bike, I'll pull the two knob-keys and store them in the locking compartment...So for a TOTAL of like $5.25, I can get 3 KEYS made for a GL18 @ WallyWorld

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