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Hired_Goon 01-15-2007 03:55 AM

Quick Release Bolt Seat Mod
by Hired Goon

Well, the XS is coming up for 29 years old next month, so I set out this afternoon to fix the design flaw that has been hanging over XS1100's for 29 years.

To get to the toolbox on mine the seat must be removed to remove the sidecover to gain access to the toolbox. So, just remove the seat????? But the spanner is in the toolbox!!! Thanks Mr Yamaha, real bright. Yes you can force the seat up to get the sidecover off but since it's now 29 years old and getting a bit rusty then the seat damage could be fatal.

My solution:

Went down the the pushbike shop and picked up 2 of these quick release bolts.

Nuts were know good so I found a piece of steel and drilled and tapped some threads into them to act as new nuts. (Aluminium would possibly be better) Steel was the perfect width to prevent internal turning. The shorter the better to allow more sliding movement.

Then it was fit to my spare bike to measure and cut off the XS (excess) bolt length. I used a few spacers to keep it out in the open for final pics, but it could be used without to conceal the catches better. A little extra length to start with doesn't hurt.;)

Refitted the brackets to the seat. Note: they are only small bolts so if yours are rusty be VERY careful removing them.

Nothing left now but to fit to the bike.

I think it looks good and will be much better. Can finally put some tools in the toolbox without carrying a spanner in my pocket.

Total cost: AUD $15 for the quick release bolts
Half an hour in the shed.


PS Yes I am hunting for a new seat pan to recover.;) May get a fibreglass one made I think.


Found this on a search, for USA members!

Nashbar.com web site

Nashbar Quick Release Binder Bolt


Cro-moly bolt with aluminum lever and nut. Sandblasted anodized finish. 27g. Specify Length: 45, 50 or 55mm. Specify Color: Black or Silver
Item No. NS-QRB
NS-QRB 45mm BLACK Reg $6.95 now $5.95

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