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crazy steve 07-13-2012 09:18 PM

XJ Windshield Adaptors
I mentioned this in another thread and some pics were requested, so here they are.... Yahman gets 'first rights' to this idea as he posted this back in 2009 but it got missed for the 'tech tips'...:(


It's a PITA to fit a windshield to a XJ because of the multi-piece bars with the semi-square risers. Somebody built these; 2 pieces of 1" round stock 2" long, with a 6mm hole in the center. They turned the outer half down to 7/8", but you wouldn't need to do that given all the bikes that use 1" bars.


Install is easy; remove the 'trim plug' (if it's even there) and the center bolt for the bars and bolt these on with a long bolt. You now have a 'stub' to attach the windshield clamps to.

Here's a similar version by Yahman showing a W/S mounted....




His were built with a 2" piece of tubing with a washer welded to one end, he plugged the end with the original plastic trim cap.

Apply plenty of locktite to all the contact surfaces to prevent them from rotating and there you go!

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