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xs11 06-16-2002 05:36 AM

Carb Cleaning Disassembly Tip
Carb Cleaning Disassembly Tip
by Ken Talbot

First - the scenario.....
You are undertaking the pre-season triple clean on your carbs. Obviously, you have to remove the carbs, move them to a warm, bright place, and carefully strip down every last piece. You put the little parts into containers to keep them from getting lost or mixed up. As you progress, you end up with the pieces and a selection of tools on your bench. Might look something like this:


Next - the question.....
What did you use the piece of wire with the hooked end for? (shown here between the jewellers screwdriver and the tweezers). I am not aware of a Yamaha number for this tool.


Finally - the answer.....


To remove the two pieces on the left immediately after you removed the piece on the right. If you don't take them out, you stand a good chance of loosing one or the other (or both) later on, or your carb cleaner eats up the one on the far left. Then you've got trouble!

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