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xs11 06-16-2002 04:17 AM

Greasing the Driveshaft Splines
Greasing the Driveshaft Splines
by Ken Talbot

Here's a short technical note for those who haven't got around to inspecting their rear splines where the drive shaft connects to the final drive.

There is a grease fitting on the driveshaft side that everybody uses for lubing the rear splines. The problem is that the final drive spline slides over the driveshaft. This effectively prevents the grease from getting to the actual contact surfaces of the splines.

Looking forward, here is a shot of the spline on the end of the driveshaft.

Here's a shot of the spline on the final drive.

Look carefully at the face of the splines where the contact actually happens. There's not a whole lot of grease in there at all.

This is why you need to take the final drive completely off once in a while to pack lots of grease inside here where it can do some good.

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