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xs11 06-20-2002 06:08 PM

Correct Procedure for Adjusting Clutch
Correct Procedure for Adjusting Clutch
by Micah Hodges

I have tried to use the procedure as indicated in the manual but as James Latonick stated, it is unclear to me. Here is my version which I have found to be very effective:
<ol><li>Loosen the adjustment at the cluth lever to cause as much slack aspossible.</li>
<li>Remove the side side cover via the two screws to expose the clutchadjusment.</li>
<li>Loosen the nut (12 mm?) that surrounds the screw adjustment.</li>
<li>Turn the screw counter clockwise a turn to start &quot;clean.&quot;</li>
<li>Pull out any slack in the cable (by pinching the cable and pulling down (don't hold while adjusting) and then SLOWLY tighten (clockwise) the screw until you feel light tension and back off 1/8 turn. (This is where it will begin to disengage the clutch plates.</li>
<li>While holding the screw adjustment with the screwdriver, tighten the nut to proper specs (whatever that is?!? This is my disclaimer).</li>
<li>Replace side cover.</li>
<li>Adjust the clutch lever with the adjustment at the lever so there is ~5mm in your lever. Lock down with lock down djustment with disc.</li>
<li>Test ride. Your clutch should be released within 1.5&quot; of the beginning of your pull. If the bike creeps while in first with the clutch pulled, readjust.</li>
<li>Repeat if necessary.</li>

NOTE: If your plates are out of whack, adjustments will be more difficult.

Happy Adjusments!

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