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Ken Talbot 04-03-2004 06:54 PM

Shift Lever Return Spring Pictorial


Originally posted by Ken Talbot
Here's an extact from a note with a few photos that I forwarded
some time ago when another Xsive was having trouble with his
shifter. This should give you an idea of how the shifter works, and why yours doesn't......

First, here's an overview shot of what is inside the shifter cover. Note
the shift shaft assembly on the right - this where the shift pedal attaches....

Under the shift shaft assembly is a torsion spring....

The torsion spring returns the shift shaft assembly to a central position....

Here's what it looks like when you are shifting up....

and when you are shifting down....

You can see that gravity would help return the shift shaft assembly to the centre position if the spring was broken, but but it would not help when shifting down.

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