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crazy steve 04-27-2011 06:36 PM

Convert a Tube Rear Wheel to Tubeless...
Just a quick 'how-to' for those that have an '78/early '79 standard with 'tube-only' wheels...

Ok, here's one of those pesky holes for the 'bead locks' they felt were needed on these...

... drill the holes out to 7/16". There's plenty of 'meat' for this by the way....

... then tap the holes with a 1/4" pipe tap. I had to turn the tap almost all the way in, but be careful not to go too far...

... get it right, and the pipe plug will come flush when tight...

... AND be flush on the inside too!

I used some JBWeld as sealer/threadlock when I did the final install. Once sanded smooth and with some paint, this will disappear. A 'standard' pipe plug is just the right length for this.

By the way, the tube/tubeless rear wheels are virtually identical except for the holes and the 'suitable for tubeless' marking. There's no difference in the bead area as has been thought.

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