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xs11 06-16-2002 05:26 AM

Carburetor Removal
Carburetor Removal
by Mike Farnworth

Taking the carburettors off the bike is a real pain if you follow the manual. According to it, the air filter housing is pulled rearward after the three mounting bolts are removed. The housing is only able to move about 3 cms, and you are then expected to wrench the carbs free by relying on the rubber elasticity of the intake and air filter adapters. No way! Anyone who has had an XS1100 for a while will know how prone to cracking the carb/cylinder adapters are and at $30 each I wasn't happy with putting undue stress on them.

The answer? Remove the lower part of the filter housing including the filter. Undo the four screws holding the V-shaped bracket BUT only by two turns each. The V-shaped bracket can then be moved forward and the whole housing can then be dropped below the level of the carbs leaving plenty of room for carb removal. If these four screws are undone completely it's very awkward to replace them in situ.

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