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xs11 06-19-2002 06:21 PM

Carburetor Float Pin Removal
Carburetor Float Pin Removal
<i>JP Honeywell - text</i>
<i>Ken Talbot - photo</i>

Several XSives, have broken a 'post' trying to remove the float pin on their carburetor. Typical damaging methods include:
<li>Using a nail and hammering the pin out</li>
<li>Using pliers and pulling the pin out</li>
<li>Using a screwdriver or chisel to pry the pin out</li>
<li>and no doubt others I haven't heard.</li>

By far the safest and easiest method I have found is to use diagonal cutters (aka dykes or wire cutting pliers). Squeezing the "ground jaws" of the cutters around the "head" of the float pivot pin, slowly, works like a wedge. It gently removes the pivot pin out about 1/16" - just enough to easily remove it - without damage to the post. Sort of like pulling a nail but all you have to do is partially close the cutters. Just be careful reinstalling the pin so that you don't damage the posts putting it back. And a tip-o-the-hat to long-lost Phil Stewart for teaching me this.

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