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robbo 02-11-2018 12:24 PM

Headlight stay
Have one of you good folks got a headlight stay for a Special and happy to ship to the UK? The only ones I see on ebay over here are up for silly money. So long as its solid I dont mind one that needs a repaint.

Cheers Rob

Ranger_xs1100 02-11-2018 01:02 PM

I'm sure I have one or two of them buried here somewhere, I'll try to locate it for you tomorrow (Monday). I'll send it to you for the cost of shipping, I don't have any idea what all is involved in shipping to the UK, as I have never shipped anything internationally, but hopefully you can guide me through the process.

Ranger_xs1100 02-11-2018 02:36 PM

Sorry Robbo,
After searching all through the shed, I remembered that the SG that I parted out had a Vetter fairing on it, the original headlight and stay had been removed before I acquired the parts bike.. Good Luck in your search.

robbo 02-12-2018 11:42 AM

Thanks for taking the time out to look Ranger. If you're anything like me a rummage through the shed normally unearths a few bits and bobs you've forgotten you even had lol.

robbo 02-19-2018 03:40 PM

Search over, I now have one :D

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