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planedick 09-18-2010 11:26 AM

Carb R&R Videos
A quick (5 minute) video showing an easy way to install the carbs back on the bike. The airbox should unbolted from the frame so you can move it around, then bolt it back down once the carbs are in place.


Edit: planedick had three separate videos posted, 3phase combined them into one video available two places. Thanks Scott!
This is the link to download the full MP4 77MB file:

XS1100 Carburetor Install Video

Flickr didn't convert it properly for online viewing so I also uploaded it to YouTube:


To remove the carbs, it's basically the reverse; pull the airbox back and tilt up the backs of the carbs up to remove them from the manifolds. I will admit that this was all learned while learning to tune the carbs and you can see it took me a long time and probably at least 50 times on and off. So people shouldn't get discouraged the first few times.

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