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werdna80 08-05-2016 07:26 AM

So.... do we have the schedule narrowed down yet?
Two day ride or One day ride?
If it's a two day ride would stopping in Orr work?

NorCoaster 08-06-2016 09:27 AM

It's gotta be a two day ride with that distance and how many pit stops we'll be making. However! I came up with a secondary route that more people might be interested in. A one-way run from Duluth to La Crosse down Wisconsin 35...THE river road. And I've seen that one of you lives in Winona so you could maybe show us the fun roads going up/down/around some bluffs...?

NorCoaster 08-06-2016 09:29 AM

Or we could run from La Crosse to Duluth and end with tall ship, great beer, and a safe place to park bikes at the cycle collective I'm a part of.

NorCoaster 08-08-2016 01:26 PM

Only 11 days away fellas! Which route should we take?

BIG DISCLAIMER : Over 300k people are expected in Duluth for the tall ships and the city has only 90k for population...

cruiser 08-08-2016 07:32 PM

Yes, lots of good roads I know from Nelson Wi to Prairie du Chein Wi. Both sides of the Missisippi. I have tentative plans to host another lost rally, summer 2017 in this area like past ones.
I have to work on Friday and Monday so will need to be heading back mid-day Sunday from where ever we are. Duluth is a 4hr ride from Winona the quick way.
I had a few others interested but circumstances have changed with them now.

werdna80 08-09-2016 07:17 PM

I'm up for whatever, just let me know where and when to show up!

NorCoaster 08-12-2016 01:19 PM

Let's go south to north. Sure, it'll be a **** show of people here, but you get the ending of seeing the big lake in all it's glory.

NorCoaster 08-12-2016 01:21 PM

La Crosse to Duluth...

NorCoaster 08-14-2016 12:30 PM

Alright. Saturday, August 20th. Only six days away. Let's meet at, say, 10am? And let's meet at either Stolpa's Stein Haus(my favorite bar in La Crosse and they open at 10a) for a quick meet and greet drink or at Riverside Park.

NorCoaster 08-14-2016 12:50 PM

Here's the route that I think would be the most ideal in terms of both scenery and abundance of fun, twisty roads. I am more than open to interpretation of it if we're lacking on daylight though

La Crosse to Duluth

Now I gotta pray that my stator gasket gets here in time because my bonehead self forgot to order it until yesterday :eek:

werdna80 08-15-2016 06:29 PM

do we have a head count yet?

NorCoaster 08-15-2016 09:33 PM

Not that I'm aware of, but it seems like it's gonna be low

cruiser 08-17-2016 08:11 PM

Unfortunately I'm not going to make this ride. Tried to work around a family thing but can't make it work. Check your PM Norcoaster. Hope you have a fun ride.

NorCoaster 08-19-2016 07:54 AM

I'm not gonna be able to go either. Damn company I ordered my bars from sent me 1" ones and wouldn't send me the proper 7/8" ones by overnight. Besides that, I decided to take all of yesterday off from working on my bike and am nowhere close to having it fully reassembled.

IanDMacDonald 08-19-2016 02:09 PM

Wait, aren't u the host of the Rally?

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