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Marc_B 08-21-2017 07:13 PM

Need a jumping off point!
Good afternoon!

I recently purchased my first XS11 and cannot wait to get it back to its original glory! As far as I know, there have only been two PO, the first had the bike since newish condition and kept it in very good shape. It was then purchased by the PO I got the bike from who left it in his backyard under the roof runoff for about a year (probably longer). That being said, the bike is still in great shape and has virtually no rust anywhere. All the lights, gauges, and starter still work great.

When I went to look at the bike, it was only running on two cylinders and then wouldn't start at all. After getting into my garage, I changed the oil/oil filter and drained the old gas out of it. I then shortened the fuel lines on both petcocks as I noticed they were both too long and pinched at a 90 degree angle (particularly on the side of the engine that wasn't firing). After those small adjustments it started right up, and was firing on all cylinders. I was pretty excited to say the least and took it around my block to see how it ran. It seemed to me to be running pretty lean, engine was pretty hot and it was sluggish in low and high RPM but good in mid RPM. It was also backfiring on declaration. I did notice that the intake manifolds are pretty old and weather cracked and have already ordered new ones. Since then I have taken it on two very small rides around my block and have noticed the sluggish nature to stay more or less the same along with the backfiring. It doesn't seem to be running quite as hot though. It was letting out some gray/black smoke on the very end of my last small ride and I'm wondering what that is (maybe oil)?

So far my plans to get the bike running well again are to replace the manifolds, as well as replacing most if not all the seals within the engine as I am not really sure when the last time it was done (if ever). I also plan on draining and replacing the transmission fluid as I am sure it needs it. I am totally new to shaft driven bikes, is there fluid I need to replace within that as well? Is there anything I am missing as far as general maintenance before I can pinpoint any real issues if there are any?

Appreciate any help!

JeffH 08-21-2017 07:28 PM

Ah, 79' SF ............ Sweet


Now that you know it runs I'd just park it until you do a good carb cleaning. That's likely where your main problems are. In the carbs. They need to be dismantled and cleaned.

Those intakes may "look" bad but that is likely on the outside. Probably not cracked all the way through. But you've got new ones ordered so that will at least eliminate future problems there.

Tranny. If you changed the Engine oil then we'll, that covers it. Task complete.

As for the Mid Drive and Final Drive you should change the gear oil in those drives.

I wouldn't mess with engine seals until you get it running good and get the bike out for a long run. Then see if you have leaks. Bikes been sitting and seals will soften after 500 miles of use. Or leak like a sieve. Electrical connections should be cleaned too. Maybe Big problems later if you don't

Look in the Maintenance Section and all you need to know is in there. Do you have an XS11 manual. A download version is available too. Search then follow link to download.

Good luck and keep us posted. If you get stuck or need help just post and likely your questions will be answered or get you headed to the spot where the info is on the site if you can't find it.


motoman 08-21-2017 07:32 PM

Engine oil and transmission oil are all one and the same.
Exhaust smoke....it just needs ridden more to re-seat those rings.
Final drive......change oil. Be sure and remove fill plug BEFORE removing drain plug. Its fill capacity is just measured in ounces as is middle drive. Remove middle drive fill plug BEFORE removing drain plug, which is also just measured in ounces. Welcome to the madness!

Aches n Pains 08-22-2017 09:34 AM

Carb Cleaning

Just noticed that Crazy Steve's post of "Carb Cleaning 101 - Revised" is missing all the photos (probably because of the Photobucket rip off). I had pulled that whole post down and put it in a Word document if you would like it.

I also have a really good .pdf file showing cleaning of the same carbs but from a Suzuki.

If you send me your email I will happily forward them to you.

Seems imposing but courage and a little patience and you'll be an old hand. Also remember the "rule of 3." When you are cleaning/rebuilding carbs it generally requires removing and tinkering three times before they are just right.

Good luck,


Marc_B 08-22-2017 01:44 PM

Thanks for all the info! Much appreciated! My email is btmnkyb@gmail.com and it would be awesome if you could forward on that word doc about cleaning the carb. Definitely will post any updates/issues as I come across them. Thanks again!

TopCatGr58 08-22-2017 08:20 PM

Photos ARE THERE in the tech tips.
Hey Folks,

The Carb Cleaning 101 TECH TIP was the second one I fixed the photos in, and it's IN the tech tips, not the regular tech discussion thread.



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