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Been a while. My painter guy got kicked out of his shop and that played hell on this!

So we shot some of the new paint and it's nice. But it's simply got to much sparkle in it. I got on the phone with Jenny again and she's going to reduce the amount down to the bare minimum she can. Claiming that we'll push it deeper into the base color which is the desired effect. Another pint with the change coming in due time.

We're doing the 1100 tank and two fenders only. Leaving the gauge housings as they are in gloss black powder coat. Too much work there! And re spraying the 920 Virago at the same time. Fingers crossed I'm happy with the result.

I know there's debated on what is right or wrong, I'm ok with that. I was speaking with a well known shop owner/former racer etc who knows UJMs like the back of his hand....we were talking about colors and I asked him if he know about the black on the Mks and he was quick to point out the deeply embedded sparkles. To which I replied: "you do know!"

Anyone in the PHX area feel free to stop by and visit the Mk collection. The 50 is getting too much attention with it's now (custom) gold rims and ss spokes. And I'm slotting the front disc to match the big bikes also. It's a disease.....
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