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Originally Posted by Rasputin View Post
I can get on to the forums and the home page but after that it gets dicey. I can click on a thread and it will go and then click on another and nothing happens cept for the broken link thing. Sometimes a page back or three and I am ok. Sometimes I have to go right back to the home or forum page to go on to the next thread. Sometimes I can go back to the home page and it tells me cannot be found.
It is a real exercise just to read a couple of threads before one gives up in frustration. to this point tonight I have been here 1 1/2 hours and I have read 5 threads and if this goes thru made 2 posts.
Good thing I have a good supply of beer
Hi Rasputin,
sorry to hear you are having trouble with the site.
as always there can be a number of reasons for bad internet stuff. I know even less about computers than i do about motorcycles
There is a thread about access issues.

if you can get to it

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