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Jerry, I'll have to disagree with you on a couple of your points...

Tire construction; tube tires usually have the lighter sidewall. The big difference is the tubeless tire has the 'tube' built into the tire, having a 'extra' inner liner to retain the air. That's why when you fit a tubeless tire with a tube you have to downgrade the speed rating, as the additional thickness of the tire/tube combo retains more heat.

As to the danger of a tubeless tire losing it's seal on a 'tube' rim, that depends. On the XS wheels, the rears are exactly the same except for the 'rim lock' holes on the 'tube' wheel and the lack of the stamped 'suitable for tubeless' marking. There is a difference on the fronts however, and I'll fully agree that using the tube-type XS front rim with a tubeless tire is not something I'd do.

The most interesting part when I looked at the XS wheels was the lack of that 'safety bead' on the 'tubeless' wheels, as I expected to find it. Even the laced 'tube-only' wheels on my other bikes have that safety bead, so that was surprising. Why/how Yamaha marked these as tubeless, I can't say...
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