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Question NO 4 carb won't idle

This problem is about the carbs on a 82 XJ1100 Maxim. Carbs were cleaned and reinstalled. It runs great on all four carbs with throttle open or enrichment cracked a little. When at idle and butter flies closed it does not get gas. With a color tune plug in #4 we see plenty of spark(Dyna coils) but no fire. Crack the throttle and at about 2500~3000RPM we get fire or crack the enrichment ckt and we get fire. Adjustment of the air screw has no effect. After a long run we pull #4 plug and it is perfect beige color.
With the intake boot pulled back and carb cleaner injected in air port we see cleaner coming out of the jet in the bowl area, bowl removed. Removed the air screw and injected cleaner again, we get liquid coming through the air screw hole. With all assembled and engine running, on three cylinders I removed the sync cap and attached a vacuum gauge and got 5.5 PSI of vacuum.
What have I missed? What next to try. I am at wits end on this problem. Any help is welcome. I cannot get fuel/air at idle.
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