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Almost time to Rally. A week from today, but some folks arrive sooner.

One way or another, all roads lead to Stecoah NC. So find your road to western NC so you can come join us.

Shirts were ready on Monday so I went and picked those up. Got them to Kurt & Nancy so they could sort the shirts and get them into the Goodie Bags for the people that bought shirts. All the usual details stuff is done or nearly done.

I plan to arrive Iron Horse by Thursday noon. I am looking forward to seeing everyone next week.

btw: I just called the Iron Horse. They have the #200 Semi-Private Cabin available for $89.95. Twin beds so 2 people and split the cost if you are interested in coming. They also have four (4) of the 110v hookup Tent camping sites available if you want to camp. If RV is more your style they have one (1) RV Hookup site available for next weekend. Contact Iron Horse at (828) 479-3864 if you want to reserve a spot for next weekend.

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