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Originally Posted by Radioguylogs View Post
SNIP...... a new modular helmet. .....SNIP
I will no longer look like I fit the time period for my bike, but maybe it will save me from a hospital visit or worse.
SNIP Maybe I'll polish it a little more over the weekend.
LOL LOL LOL..... That Snowmobile helmet/faceshield really was entertaining especially on the BRP when it rained! Maybe Officer Huckabee won't recognize you?

Nancy and I did upgrade our jackets and I purchased a new helmet. I wear the new one when riding alone as I haven't transferred the intercom system to the new one. I'm disappointed with my new helmet as it is EXTREMELY wind noisy and has the new style bayonet fitting I also have come to dislike. Get what ya pay for and this was a "relatively inexpensive" helmet. I have a MELON size head and none of the other manufacturers make a MELON head in the bright yellow color I want. Looking at a SHOEI in White for the next one.

Nancy and I also NORMALLY wear our "Sliders" but I will often "Look Period Correct" with Levi's and UnderSliders.

Geeee. Is there any surprise that "Mike would be polishing his bike"?

Looking forward to seeing you there. Nancy & I arrive on TUESDAY very early A.M to get all the banners up and enjoy a little riding. We'll do bit of road checking too before our friends arrive.

Jeff didn't mention it but WAYAH road is new and PERFECT!
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