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Update. I moved the floats to 25mm The bike seemed to do better. The problem area was more noticeable. I would open the throttle slowly and it would climb to between 2000 and 2500 rpms and stumble. When it started to stumble if I opened the throttle wide open it would skip this rpm range and rev awesome. Bike sounds really great. Anyway, this tells me that the transition from the pilot circuit to the main cercuit is my issue. My question would be, will the 120 main jet do that to It? Won't transition but runs awesome up top. Either thats the issue or the "professional" who rebuilt them put in the wrong needles? I am going to order the 110 main jets. The place locally who sells them wants $4.50 each. Can they be had for cheaper elsewhere
1980 special
stock except for 4 into 2 exhaust
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