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Originally Posted by Grinder3 View Post

Please forgive me for ruffling your feathers, but if you are going to bother to post a reply, can you please make it constructive?

Show me one person my age that thinks this bike looks great and I'll take back the "Butt ugly."

I'm 36, when this bike was new I was seven years old, what do you think I was wearing then? I'll tell you. A polyester snap down shirt and corduroy pants, my hair was parted down the middle and feathered. AC/DC was in the top 40 and Atari was awesome stuff. We have come a long way since then.

No one my age is going to say this bike looks beautiful. But the smart ones, like myself, just might appreciate what it does have and find a way to make it stylish again.

So please, if you are going to reply, may I ask that you have at least one piece of pertinent information to share? That is what this forum is for.
Ruffled feathers rarely result in positive feedback.

It appears you have already been introduced to several others, but I'm 33 and I LOVE the way my bike (and every bike here) looks. I wouldn't trade it for any $30K lump of chrome.

Ask yourself, what exactly is "stylish"? Is is what others think about your ride, or what you think about it? Do you feel it has to meet some sort of current social standard to be accepted? In my opinion, today's "style" is all about plastic covers and chrome doodads, hiding the true heart of the machine. As for how far we've come, who's to say we even went in the right direction?

Smarts have nothing to do with appreciation. I've met plenty of smart people who don't appreciate anything they have. I think you'll find that everyone here appreciates at least one thing, the XS1100.

Welcome to the site, it's the best the internet has to offer.
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