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Excuse me

Originally Posted by garbnod627 View Post
your right guys ,some people are better left out of the conversation.
well, i could not be happier, just got my 80 special running today
and took my first ride on a 1100 .nice!!! love it. could not have
done it without the help i got from this website, many thanks to
everbody at!!!

garbnod627 (freebie)
Um yeah, hi, I do believe I've apologized for any misinterpreted offensiveness and have been forgiven. If you want to beat a dead horse and continue to be intentionally nasty to me, then at the very least be intelligent about it.
First of all - sentences begin with capitals. As do the names of people places and things, even one's as short as "i".
Second - "YOUR" is a personal pronoun describing the person being spoken of - "YOU'RE" is the abbreviation for "YOU ARE" a hyphenation of two words descriptive of an action taken.
In addition "yore" means the days of old, and "yor" is hillbilly for all of them used interchangeably.
Third - "i got" is improper english. If you want to indicate that you have gained something from a given source, you say "I've gotten" or "I've received"

This is an english speaking country isn't it? Sometimes you have to wonder.

Also, while I'm at it, I suppose I can give you guys some insight into my personal perspective. Since there seems to be such interest in it instead of bikes. If the horse is to be beat, I'm going to finish it.
Not only am I a dropout, I have had a very rough time my entire life. Abandoned by my father, severely abused and neglected by my mother, bounced around the remaining family and living for many years on the street. I have seen the bad side of everything in life. I have struggled with everything from poverty to mental illness. I've been on drugs, I've been beaten up and screwed over and almost killed by criminals. My genetic makeup saw fit to give me an entire half-row of extra teeth all jumbled together in my mouth, and a severely advanced case of acne that left major scarring. I was for all intents and purposes, in the mind of a kid, a living monster. I learned to live with ugliness not only on the outside, but on the inside. After years of misery pain loneliness anguish and rejection, I somehow, instead of killing myself, learned to laugh at myself. Life is messed up and crazy sometimes, but apparently I'm made of something stronger than what shows on the outside (kind of like these bikes, hence my attraction to them). maybe as pasrt tof my suvival mechanisms I have become somewhat crusty aorund the edges. Who wouldn't. Ever been to prison?
I was never given, in this life, the choice to do anything but look at the underlying motivations and intentions of things. And because of the face that god gave me, if anyone has the right to use the word ugly, it's me. people need to get over their commonly held perceptions and usages of supposedly negative connotations. I love ugly things, myself being one.
If anyone finds it personally satisfying to continue to misinterpret my words, take them as personally offensive, or fire back any more negative comments, just know that I've seen it all. I've lived all over the country and different parts of the world. I've been invited into some of the richest homes on the face of the planet and I've hopped trains and eaten with bums.
Hm, why do I care so much? Because I like these bikes. I'm fairly obsessed with them now as a matter of fact, as I am with motorcycles in general. I feel like a rush of energy has overtaken my mind and a new chapter in my life has begun, a pleasure I've been searching for but have previously never known. Nothing in the world gives you the sense of exhilaration and freedom that riding a bike does. And I know this from only the few rides I have taken.
You don't own the rights to these bikes guys. Like anything else in the world they are there to be enjoyed and used, collected and refurbished, or modified and ridden to death. And the fact that you study them and work on them and get together with others who share the interest, doesn't give you the right to be nasty to others who don't think and act and speak exactly the same way that you do. It's very common to join groups to feel a sense of camaraderie and mutual admiration. But the only way you'd have the right to judge others' opinions of the bikes - positive, negative, or indifferent, would be if you'd designed and manufactured them yourself.
We're all just fans and all of our words are just opinions.
And if you want to make snap decisions about the depth of a person based on what is written in an online forum, then you might be missing out on the friendship of a deep and loyal, loving and wise soul.
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