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Originally Posted by Grinder3 View Post
Um yeah, hi, I do believe I've apologized for any misinterpreted offensiveness - - - -
This is an english speaking country isn't it? Sometimes you have to wonder. - - -
You don't own the rights to these bikes guys. Like anything else in the world they are there to be enjoyed and used, collected and refurbished, or modified and ridden to death. - - - -
And if you want to make snap decisions about the depth of a person based on what is written in an online forum, then you might be missing out on the friendship of a deep and loyal, loving and wise soul. - - -
Hi G3,
this here is the XS/XJ discussion section.
You are welcome to start a new string in the Members Lounge concerning your life and times and I'm sure you will have many interested participants
" I'll see your snaggly teeth and raise you my Spina Bifida." kinda thing.
About correct grammar:-
Most of our correspondents use bad grammar on purpose to emphasize a point, rather than not knowing any better.
Then there was e.e. cummings who didn't believe in capital letters so never used them.
And who is to say that a world-famous poet was wrong?
(Note the "And" starting that sentence? Wrong, but effective.)
While nobody has the right to tell another that his modifications are a mistake, if you hack the rear suspension off your XJ to make a hardtail out of it, stand by to receive mockery and derision from this old fart.
It's not my right, no. I consider it my duty.
And you are absolutely correct. There is no way a brief flurry of e-mail messages will tell you if a person is a wise soul or an arsehole.
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