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Originally Posted by Grinder3 View Post
..... Ever been to prison?..
Yeah, I Have! Twice actually...didn't turn me into a self obsessed arsehole angry at the world. Many of us have had a hard start in life and I could tell you my life story as well, (it's not that much different to yours) but one apparent difference between you and me is that I don't use my past as an excuse for a bad attitude today.

Originally Posted by CatatonicBug
Come on guys... Give the man a break, and just help him with his bike!
Normally I would agree, but this guy needs to learn some things like Manners, Respect and, as someone else mentioned, Tact.

I wont be adding any further comment to this thread, for two reasons. 1. I have nothing further to add without becoming too personal, and 2. I dont know if my English is up to it.

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