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Um yeah

All I can say is that half of the guys on here have been great, half of them have been terrible. Once again (repeating myself is so much fun) I have never lowered myself to name calling or offensive attacks, everything I've written has been in response to your attacks against me. I find it tiring and dull, this is supposed to be about bikes.
I'm a big Bill Maher fan and I can see why he gets so much guff from closeminded people. He brings stuff up that people don't want to think about, can't face, or just never thought of before. And he crosses his T's and dot's his I's. Proper grammar goes a long way. He also doesn't take any crap off of anyone. Personally, I think those are good things.
I find it ludicrous that anyone would call anyone names over something like this. If anyone should be excluded from an online forum it's those who abuse it, like you have.