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Final Drive Transplant _ Kudos 2 XSChop!

Please click on THIS LINK to view this tech tip with photos in the alternate Menu Drop Down Tech Tips!

XS750 Final Drive Conversion
"Mod of the Year, 2006!"

by Cody(Maximan) and XSChop, posted 11-12-06

First let me say this is absolutely the most straight forward mod I’ve ever done to my Eleven. And the results are spectacular. I am so utterly please with this modification I would recommend it highly to any Eleven owner that is not pre-occupied with mile times. If you want a top end – gas sipping XS11 this mod is the BOMB SCHNIZZLE. You won’t regret it. Besides it is so easy to do (other than a few hours of time) you could easily revert to the OEM drive if you want lower gears.

Secondly I must pay “kudos” to Chop (xschop). I nominate Chop for coming up with the coolest mod for 2006. I’m not sure what inspired him to experiment…and I am not sure I care to know. IT WORKS! The rev reductions are not only real but are very significant. At the end of this procedure I will post my real world results. In short they are outstanding.

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