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Ride ON ROcks

HOwdy fellow XSives,,,after talking about flats with Motoman, he convinced me a few Colorado rallies back about this Ride On sealer, balancer and since then have put on approx,,,,20000 miles total on my three bikes and can honestly say it works great,,,deserts, long interstates, twisties, two up,,etc

First bike I put it in, the xj needed tires anyway, and noticed the dealer had a 50 gallon drum of the Ride On,,,,must be $$$$$$ they spent for that, but they use it in all the tires, as each tire uses 8 oz, and is about 10.00,,,,anyway, noticed right away,,,,MUCH SMOOTHER BALANCE, even with my cheapo, but decent Shinkos, which I think contributes to being cooler as the lateral motion of the tire is reduced causing less friction and heat,,,tires lasted longer also,,,,cheap Shinko, usually 6000 rear got about 9000 miles with the Ride On,,,,other bikes similar, so

much smoother ride, peace of mind knowing no flats or blowouts at speed, cannot say if I have had any leaks since using Ride On, havent had any, so MotoMan has recommended a good product. I did have a blowout on my sons xs 400, but he didnt have Ride on,,,I used a plugger and about 10 miles down the road the plug blew out,,,,replugged and got it home then off to the local shop for a new tire,,,as I feel any motorcycle tire that is plugged or patched is just waiting to blow at the worst time, So Ride On for my 2 wheel steeds, Amazon or Ebay for good prices,,,dealers way over markup the stuff,,,,,Ride On,,,,Mike in Sun DIego
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