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Originally Posted by Johncirish View Post
Does anyone have and of the black and gold key fobs? I believe they were designed by Chris Rawson years ago, but since his passing on on seems to know where they were made, or how to get them...

Also, Have been off-list for several years due:

1) had to sell the "UFO" (79 XS 1100 SPecial) due to "circumstances
2) Serious medical complications due to VA Medical 'mistakes' (Malpractice)
3) Had bike after XS (VStar 1100) totaled in near head on in Nashua, NH
4) Of bike for another 3 years due to additional medical screwup that put me in ICU for 2 weeks, and left me with close to $300,000 in medical bills...Not to mention the VA sending me $80,000 in bills for the surgery THEY SCREWED UP that almost killed me.........

Anyhow, I am STILL ALIVE and kicking and riding,..but now on a 2007 RoadStar Silverado....which I have had for almost 7 years now....but man do I miss the XS ! ! ......nothing like the snap when you grab HFOT....

Are any of the "old gang" from New England that used to ride with Chris Rawson still around? Feel free to email me....let's get some ride time in..
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Yeppers, no pic, but I do still in drawer unused. Those WERE some awesome quality AND in looks too! I would imagine special permission was needed in order to present the Yammy logo and Yammies XS11 style lettering at that time.
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