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Cafe Conversion

I just bought a Yamaha XS1100H that I want to turn into a cafe racer style bike. I like the style of the original, but it was pretty ratty - a restoration would be way too costly - and I really wanted a hobby to occupy my time.

So, I have a decent tank off of an 1979 XS1100 (the guy swore to me that it would fit - I hope it does), clubman bars, barend mirrors/signals, etc. I am going to dig up a smaller speedo/tach. I plan on stripping a bunch - center stand, fairing (aftermarket Windjammer), electric starter, etc.

I Was just wondering about any other suggestions you folks might have (e.g. front/rear fenders, grab bar, headlight, rearsets, etc). Really just curious about what people here have tried in the past. I prefer to get bolt on stuff, in case somebody can salvage the stuff I take off for use on a stock bike.

Most important - what have you all done about the seat and seat pan? I don't have a garage, so I don't want to dump a ton into this - just some basic swaps, without a ton of chopping and grinding. Any suggestions? I really thought about pulling the cover, shaving the foam with a hotknife and recovering. But, it is a newly covered seat/foam and I hate to waste it.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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