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Originally Posted by JosephM View Post
...I am going to dig up a smaller speedo/tach. I plan on stripping a bunch - center stand, fairing (aftermarket Windjammer), electric starter, etc....
....I prefer to get bolt on stuff, in case somebody can salvage the stuff I take off for use on a stock bike...
If you have a complete bike, that's the pretty rare Venturer tour model... Post some pics, I'm sure that some other people will be interested in the take-off parts. I'd recommend checking the frame and motor numbers to verify what you have; look here:

But before you start removing/selling parts, keep in mind that some of the stuff you want is rare, doesn't exist and/or can't be removed. The starter has to stay unless you machine a block-off plug for the hole left behind. The '81 motor has no kickstarter mechanism, you'll be splitting the cases to install that (unless the motor is really a older one; the '78-79 bikes had a 'emergency' kickstart but these weren't really designed to be kicked all the time). You'll hate losing the centerstand as that complicates a lot of maintanence jobs. The gauges will be particularly hard to replace as Yamaha used a oddball 2.93:1 speedo ratio that doesn't match most aftermarket speedos. The tach gets it's signal from the alternator, another hard item to match. You'll find about zero bolt-on stuff for the rest, some fabrication/modification will be needed for nearly everything.

Parts swapping on these bikes is good for some stuff, lousy for others.

I'd recommend getting the bike running right first (carbs, brakes, wiring) before tearing into it so you're at least starting with no known/major problems. All the info you need is here, do a search for more specific info, posting pics will be very helpful.

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