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First, thanks so much for all of the advice - I really appreciate it.

To Crazy Steve: I will post some pics, but it isn't a complete bike - no bags or trunk and an aftermarket Windjammer fairing. But, I will definitely post whatever things I can salvage off the bike. As to the rarity and non-existence of some of the parts, I am starting to realize that. I am curious about the kickstarter - or lack thereof. There appears to be a rubber plug labeled "Kick Start" in the case. So, I thought it'd be an easy swap. That said, I'll take your word for it and leave the starter.For the gauges, I thought I would go for a low profile digital model - that should square with the non-standard ratio, correct?

To Tom Clisham: See above regarding the "Kick Start." I suppose the few extra lbs. of a starter won't hurt - I can make up for it by laying off the pizza. It was just a thought if it was an easy fix. I agree with you on cutting up the frame - so, I decided to just reshape the foam and recover the seat. Then take off the grab bar, replace the rear fender/brake light assembly. But, do it all without messing with the frame.

To jetmechmarty: The links are awesome - thanks.

I really never knew much about these bikes - it was just a whim for a project to work on when I moved to a new city to occupy my time. I really didn't know there were so many fans of the bikes, either. I am starting to think about selling it and chopping up a Honda CB - much easier conversion and many more on the road, so less concern about molesting it.

Also, anybody out there have a recommendation of a mechanic in Baltimore, MD? There are some mechanical items that I lack the tools/skill to manage on my own and I hate to go to one of the big shops.

Again, I thank you all for your patience and wisdom.

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