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Originally Posted by JosephM View Post
...I am starting to think about selling it and chopping up a Honda CB - much easier conversion and many more on the road, so less concern about molesting it.

Also, anybody out there have a recommendation of a mechanic in Baltimore, MD? There are some mechanical items that I lack the tools/skill to manage on my own and I hate to go to one of the big shops.

Again, I thank you all for your patience and wisdom.

Welcome to the forum! I like your idea of chopping up the Honda Lots of people here like to see these ol'XS stay close to their original form. Not that it hasnt been done before, we have seen some very nice bob's and cafe bikes come around but, too often than not we see people dive right into cutting the rear of the frame and taking off all kinds of things then lose interest. Before ya know it, another very original and once ride-able bike ends up as parts on ebay. That being said, Im not discouraging you from moving forward with your build, we just want you have some sort of an understanding of what your facing. Having limited access to the right tools will really limit your ability. With that said, some paint, new bars and a seat from ebay can make a huge change in attitude/appearance. Have fun with it and make sure it runs and stops before you try to mod it out.
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