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[quote=donebysunday;510311]The early bikes carb sync was two cables from the throttle grip very hard to sync and keep it set. 76 was the first year Yamaha linked the carbs with a bit of angle iron. This kept the carbs set/synced, the trick was a super sync, done right, vibration (as the XS650 Society says, what vibration ?) is at a minimum then gearing comes into play, stock rear sprocket is 34.
I ran my 77 with a 40 rear and that came off in place of a 32 in less than 100 miles, it took parts off like a Triumph (turn around and pick up what fell off). So many things can be added or modified, and speed/pickup/handling, with stock gearing will actually scare how really fast they handle like a big bicycle, especially the models with 19" front and 18" rear.
On the other hand, nothing will keep up with the XS1100 like the 750 Seca and if you can find one the 900 Seca.[/QUOTE]
Not to mention the Maxim 650s and 750s too...
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