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Small valve early head with late model short duration cams

I recently had the Large valve head and long duration cam on the bike with a wiseco 1200 kit. I had only done 1200km in this arrangement and due to other issues it never ran perfect so I can’t say how well this set up went.
I have the head of again at the moment and thinking about using the small Valve head and late model short duration cams.
Dan Hodges I believe has stated this would give a lot of toque down low but I’m thinking you lose a few hp up top.
Since I don’t tend to ride up around 100mph I’m thinking this could be a fun setup.
I’m a layman and wanted to bounce around what I’m thinking. I believe the wiseco kit puts compression ratio up around 10.5:1 but with the short duration cams from what I’ve been reading that’s going to make even more compression than the long duration cams.
Another option after talking to a local performance head guy was he suggested using the long duration inlet and short duration exhaust that’s available from the stock variations.
What do you think and any ideas on dialing for even more power down low?
81 H
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